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Mattea Story

With very little to no voice and only a couple of hours until having to sing, a homemade remedy was made. Much to the surprise of many, Grandma's secret recipe, with a little instinctive addition, brought forth a product that rejuvenates the vocal cords and brings clarity to the voice.

MatTea's creator hosted numerous professional singers and entertainers in the music industry; one of the "stars" lost their voice before recording. MatTea was personally made and exclusively mailed to them and it's been an evolving business ever since with a worldwide reach as MatTea services the vocal needs of the elite.

Remarkably, today MatTea's Vocal Luxury is unrivaled by any other beverage of its kind and it's only exclusively yours when you can't afford not to be heard! MatTea is a perfect blend of pure ingredients that meets the needs of those who use their voices to earn a living!

The Team

Tina Haulcy, PhD. Creator + CEO

Favorite thing about MatTea: We give a voice to the voiceless.

Favorite Quote: "Believe you can and you're almost there."

Jasmyne Hinson COO

Favorite thing about MatTea: Vocal Luxury is my liquid gold and I never go anywhere without it.

Favorite Quote: "Keep shining, keep inspiring"

Bill Tittle, Esq. CSO

Favorite thing about MatTea: This stuff really works.

Favorite Quote: "The only person you should strive to be better than, is the person that you were yesterday."