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Vocal Luxury is a caffeine free herbal elixir that promotes total throat health naturally. It is a proprietary blend of health promoting ingredients that can be used daily.

• Eases discomfort of a common sore throat.

• Used to soothe the throat, rejuvenate vocal cords

and bring clarity to the voice.

 • Aids in healing symptoms of cold, sinus phlegm, smokers cough, hoarseness and nasal congestion.

 • Is a blend of lemon, honey, love and grandma’s secret.

The MatTea brand and our formulas are easy to consume. It’s manufactured under regulated and controlled processes and is reliable batch after batch after batch. Our products are FDA registered. There are very few companies out there that pay attention to the critical details of each and every component required to manufacture a quality product. 

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 A caffeine free herbal elixir that promotes total throat health naturally.

a proprietary blend of health promoting ingredients that can be used daily so you can...


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is MatTea?

    MatTea’s products are everywhere! We have restored the voices of the celebrity elite and clients in America and as far away as Spain, France, Italy, Taiwan, Mexico, Russia, Netherlands, The United Kingdom, The Virgin Islands, Australia and Hong Kong.

  • Are MatTea products just like a regular sipping tea?

    MatTea’s product are tea based trade secret recipes. Our elixirs are not like your average sipping tea. Though many enjoy the pleasant taste of MatTea’s products it should not be used as your every day tea unless needed for restorative or preventative health measures.

  • Do you have to heat it up?

    Our liquid products can be consumed and is effective at any temperature, but many of our clients prefer it warm.

  • Does it need to be diluted or any sweetener added to it?

    That’s part of the convenience of…It comes ready to be consumed.  NO dilution or sweeteners necessary.

  • How often do I need to use it for it to be effective?

    Every bottle is a 2.5 oz. serving. Our clients usually drink 1 oz prior to employing their voices and the remainder afterwards. If treating cold symptoms or sinusitis, we suggest a 1 oz serving before bed or as needed.

  • What's in it?

    Our products are a proprietary blend of natures finest elements. Check each products supplemental facts for a list of ingredients

  • Can I use your products everyday?

    We’re glad you love our products, and that you want to include them in your daily routine. Some products should be used daily, while other products should not.  It’s a good rule of thumb to check the package for appropriate dosage, duration of use and safety considerations.