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“The first time I had the luxury of tasting MatTea, I was extremely satisfied. I heard nothing but great things about MatTea and set high expectations. The flavor is so tasty and the medicinal effects were invigorating and truly beneficial! Being a musical actress, there is a lot of strain on the vocal cords, immediately after using MatTea, my throat was soothe and coated, I’m sold!”

– Chaveria R, San Francisco, CA


“When you can’t afford not to be heard!” That explains it all. As a performance major, there is several times where my voice is needed. MatTea works WONDERS! I can truthfully say that this product is the best out there. NOTHING COMPARES!”

 – Hindolo B, Alexandria, LA


“MatTea is the best! This tea made a stressful process flow! Naturally made, Natural wonders! I love MatTea!”

-RamaJ H, Houston, TX


“The first time I tasted MatTea in its raw form I was amazed by its ability to sooth my voice so quickly. It has become one of my go to items and continues to work wonders every time I put it to use.”

– Jockques J, Alexandria, LA


“MatTea is the best tea ever when it comes to helping prepare my voice for any type of performance. I sometimes use this tea to even just soothe my throat when I’m getting a cold. Works great for me!”

-Ashley J, Dallas, TX


“Working in an industry where everything is always subject to change, I’ve learned to value consistency. From the product itself, to their customer service, it has always delivered when I needed it. I drink MatTea.”

-Quentin Renard Gunn, Fashion Photographer, LA/NYC


“After drinking just a little bit, which was a tease by the way, the soreness was as if it was leaving. I can’t really put it in words, but it seems as if the liquid coats your throat. Maybe an hour or less than an hour, my voice was back as if I never lost it and my throat doesn’t hurt. I still have my voice 3hrs later.”

 -Daphane H


“MATTEA Tea really works. At first, I a bit Leary, but decided to give it a try. Not only did it prepare my vocal chords for Praise and Worship Service, but it also stopped my sinus drainage for three days! I love it! Mattea Tea works for me!!!”

-Natosha E.- Plano, TX


“My first time trying Mattea was unbelievable how it soothes my throat and clears my nasal passage. There’s a certain kind of energy that you feel seconds after the first sip. Also, I gave a friend at work a shot of Mattea and she went from no voice at all this morning to being able to speak clearly (within minutes).”

-Shemika M, Lancaster, TX


“I have tried MatTea which has a pleasant taste that reminds me of the home remedies given to me as a child. I was experiencing a sore throat with hoarseness and a friend recommended MatTea. Of course, I was a little skeptical at first but when I began taking MatTea there was a noticeable improvement in my sore throat and raspy voice within the hour. Thanks MatTea!”

-Pastor Walt M, AL


“MatTea is one of the most beneficial teas that I’ve found to really work for me being a Type 2 Diabetic. This product is very relaxing after a long day of continuous talking. It has soothed and healed my vocals/cold and flu like symptoms on numerous occasions. Whether on speaking engagements or daily conversations, MatTea will be within my reach!”

-Evangelist Carolyn


“Mattea has a distinctive taste meaning I have never ever had such a unique taste. The quality of the product was the same each time I open the bottle usually I lose something in taste but not with Mattea. The care in which it is being handled with even down to how the bottle looks. You have a winner with Mattea!”

-Anthony S, California


“It really helps soothe my sore throat and cleared my sinuses. My voice was unbelievably clear and loud. I truly love how this drink works my nasal passage and vocal cords!”

-Nikitha E- Dallas, TX


“I’ve never ever experienced anything like Mattea! It is the unthinkable in a bottle. A bottle!! Mattea helps me to keep what was given and to give it for others to keep.”

-Darralyn S, Dallas, Tx


“Mattea is so fiercely effective! From the first sip I knew that this was a product that I will be using long-term, and is a constant recommendation for anyone who appreciates their vocal talents.”

-Aaron R., Dallas, TX


“I take Mattea when my voice is feeling strained from overuse or when my throat is hurting and within minutes I am feeling and singing better.”

-Dawn W., Texas


“I’m not a singer, but Mattea cleared my sinuses and made me really feel refreshed.”

-Amelia S.


“When I tasted the herbal experience of Mattea, I immediately felt a soothing and a rejuvenation of my voice.”

-Donald K.


“Not only have I experienced Mattea for myself, but I’ve witnessed Mattea work tremendous miracles for others. Mattea is beyond a product, it’s deeper than a tea, and the mere experience of Mattea is profound.”

-JJ. Johnson, Texas


“I had sore throat from a cold it made my vocals hold. I don’t know how but it truly helped my sore throat.”

-Dionne S, Louisiana


“A wise person wouldn’t complain about their throat they would test a product that works. It’s such a delight. Mattea is awesome!”

-Denise B, Teacher, Louisiana


“I drink tea every night before bed and Mattea has been my go to tea when I feel crud coming on! It works immediately!”

-Mary Ann H, Grand Prairie, TX


“Great relief for sore throat. I was dealing with itchy and scratchy throat. Had a hot cup of MatTea and by the end of day throat was feeling better.”

-Constance Harp, Dallas TX, Finance Manager United Methodist Dallas TX


“I remember drinking hot Mattea because I was not feel well and had achy joints, something like flu symptoms. And it totally cured whatever I felt coming on along with healing my throat.”

-Mellony M., TX Domestic Engineer


“As a community organizer, using my voice is a constant part of my job. At times being a perpetual voice in the community can leave my vocal cords strained and stretched; however, I can always count on Mattea to soothe and relax my voice box and have it performing at its optimum capacity.”

-Neil Dunn, Alabama


“I tried this stuff and man it works! But you knew that huh?”

-Brian G, Guitar Center Manager, Albuquerque, New Mexico


“I can’t afford not to be heard. This voice luxury has been a voice lifeline for me! This will be a gift for all my friends who can’t afford not to be heard.”

-Prophetess Yolanda D. Tyson Pastor/International Evangelist


“I found this vocal elixir to be exactly what I was looking for!!! I love to sing and after using MatTea, I felt I could hit those “high ones” with no problem!!! Very soothing and good tasting!!! And I’m so glad it’s all natural.”

-Michelle L., Shreveport, LA, Counselor


“When a story can’t afford not to be told…Storytellers drink MatTea!”

-R G, Atlanta, GA


“Felt it soothing my throat almost immediately. Great product…!!”

-Paul N., Africa


“This tea is amazing, thank you for all of your hard work. Whenever I travel to speak, Mattea vocal luxury travels with me.”

-Tunda W.


“I tell everyone i know about Mattea, It really helped me with my sinuses.”

-Tameka L.


“One of the best products on the market.”

-Pearline B.


“This tea is great in the winter helped with my dry cough.”

-Penny F.


“I simply love Mattea!”

-Renata L.


“I absolutely LOVE MatTea! This is a must have product if you need your voice. Not only does it work miracles for your voice but it’s GREAT for your sinus too!”

–Michelle M, Louisiana


“I have tried MatTea and was pleasantly surprised with the taste to this product. Its taste reminded me of home remedies given to me as a child for aliments.”

–Pastor Gunn, Alabama