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Don’t believe us, just watch! Not certain you want to commit to a case? Try our 12 Bottle Box and... you’ll be hooked! Your vocal health will never feel or be better! 

(12 x 2.5oz bottles)

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Vocal Luxury is a natural THROAT TONIC. This caffeine-free herbal elixir provides a formulated blend of natural ingredients to soothe the throat and vocal cords. 

This tonic provides some of nature’s most powerful herbs and minerals to promote vocal clarity and reduce stress on your vocal cords. It’s a delicious, proprietary blend of nutritious ingredients that can be used daily.

  • Eases sore throat discomfort
  • Helps soothe the throat, rejuvenate vocal cords, and clarify the voice
  • May relieve cold symptoms, sinus phlegm, smokers cough, hoarseness, and nasal congestion
  • Contains a unique blend of lemon, honey, love, and grandma's secret ingredients


  • Helps soothe symptoms of fever and cold chills
  • A rich source of antioxidants
  • A rich source of vitamins and minerals
  • Excellent source of vitamin K
  • Antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties

      Our Client Reviews

      I have tried MatTea and was pleasantly surprised with the taste to this product. Its taste reminded me of home remedies given to me as a child for aliments

      Pastor Gunn, Alabama

      I absolutely LOVE MatTea! This is a must have product if you need your voice. Not only does it work miracles for your voice but it’s GREAT for your sinus too!

      Michelle M, Louisiana

      I found this vocal elixir to be exactly what I was looking for!!! I love to sing and after using MatTea, I felt I could hit those “high ones” with no problem!!! Very soothing and good tasting!!!

      Michelle L, Shreveport, LA, Counselor