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Throat Mist

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  • An oral spray that helps to restore the voice, aid sore throat and cough, rejuvenate the vocal cords, and bring clarity to the voice.

  • It is recommended for proper throat health to keep the throat lubricated and moisturized consistently.

  • Harsh external environments can cause dry mouth, “Throat Mist” was designed to help retain moisture in those environments.

Our Client Reviews

I have tried MatTea and was pleasantly surprised with the taste to this product. Its taste reminded me of home remedies given to me as a child for aliments

Pastor Gunn, Alabama

I absolutely LOVE MatTea! This is a must have product if you need your voice. Not only does it work miracles for your voice but it’s GREAT for your sinus too!

Michelle M, Louisiana

I found this vocal elixir to be exactly what I was looking for!!! I love to sing and after using MatTea, I felt I could hit those “high ones” with no problem!!! Very soothing and good tasting!!!

Michelle L, Shreveport, LA, Counselor